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Эффективный поиск и профессиональный анализ информации. Архив СМИ с 1994 г.

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Public.Ru – is the largest on-line library of Russian press publications. We provide a full range of services for working with mass media materials: from on-line access to the unique collection of publications to press monitoring and exclusive analytic surveys.

Our profile is to provide efficient research and professional information analysis of the Russian mass media. 

Unique funds

Public.Ru funds offer all important social and political, economical and business mass media; major industries issues and general information topics. The Public.Ru Library electronically archives regional and municipal newspapers, local inserts to the national dailies, local economical and business publications, mass media reflecting economical, social, cultural, confessional or any other feature of a region.
Today Public.Ru funds comprise:
    • over 100 000 000 Russian press publications
    • over 15 000 mass media titles, including daily newspapers, magazines, information agencies, Internet resources, transcripts of TV and radio programs
    • publications from all Russian regions and foreign countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, the USA etc.
    • archived materials of Russian press publications from 1990

We strive to present an objective review of the current Russian  media space.

Full range of services

The Public.Ru Library provides a full specter of services related to mass media monitoring: from offering on-line access to it’s own press database to preparing analytical surveys in English.
Public.Ru offers the following services:
    • On-line access to the library funds
    • Regular industry reviews of Russian mass media
    • Monitoring of Russian mass media upon special request
    • Background reports on companies or individuals based on the information from open sources
    • Statistical and analytical researches based on mass media information

At client’s request press materials and analytical surveys can be provided in English.  

Public.Ru is a unified supplier of the whole range of services related to monitoring and analysis of Russian mass media.

Tariff Plans

Public.Ru groups of tariffs differ in payment schemes and spending models. Nominal price of the tariffs depend on the choice of services and subscription period.

The budget at a client’s account shall be spent by a group of users within the framework of the INDIVIDUAL or the CORPORATE model.

Individual model. Efficient control over the overall budget.

  • up to 10 users in a group
  • access to the BASIC tariffs
  • every user has its tariff

Corporate model. Multi-user regime.

  • up to 100 users in a group
  • access to the CORPORATE tariffs
  • all users work within a single tariff



Advance payment
Individual model of spending.

Price, roubles.
Period of access
Supplementary services
One month
Personal folders, alert inquiries, media statistics, quick access folders

Period of access is indicated in calendar days
Prices are given in roubles, VAT inclusive (18 %)



Advance payment scheme envisages crediting of a client.
Corporate model of spending. 

Price, roubles.
Period of access
Supplementary services
Corporate 50 
One month 
Personal folders, alert inquiries, media statistics
Corporate 100 
One month 
Personal folders, alert inquiries, media statistics  

Period of access is indicated in calendar days
Prices are given in roubles, VAT inclusive (18 %)

When funds at the user’s account are insufficient or his/her tariff period ends, access to the base is closed. No transfer of unspent funds at the user’s account to the next period is envisaged.

Please forward your questions to letters@public.ru or call our sales department (tel.: (495) 363-03-06), we shall be glad to advise you on an optimal tariff plan.

Regular Press Review Bulletins of Russian mass media
Press Review title
1 month
3 months
6 months


Price, RR


working days at 10.30 a.m.
7 800

21 000

39 900

Fuel and Energy complex
working days at 9 a.m.
7 800

21 000

39 900

Pharmaceutical market
working days at 10 a.m.
7 800

21 000

39 900

Reviews upon request
Costs for press reviews upon special request are calculated on an individual basis.


You can contact us at:
Address: 78, Profsoyuznaya street, Moscow, 117393, Russia
Tel.:       + 7 (495) - 363-03-06
E-mail: letters@public.ru
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